The Horizon of Expectations Samantha Feleo

The exhibition is primarily composed of a series of hybrid sculptures made out of fired stoneware and artificially grown crystals. The works are a reflection of the artist’s phenomenological experience of time and space and the representation of an expansive and imaginative universe through the creation of dynamic and ever-changing work.

Writer Stephanie Frondoso expounds, “Feleo’s decision to work with crystals as a medium to explore the sublime is based on her observation that their sparkling beauty inspires awe but their hostile shapes also trigger fear. Each crystal is a hybrid piece: first a tiny ceramic sculpture is fired in a kiln and then prepared as substrata in crystalline-forming baths. Time and care are needed to produce well-structured crystals, whose growth is affected by conditions such as air temperature and amount of space. The resulting crystal formations are partly controlled and partly imaginative, and are not strictly biologically-derived. The core, spherical in shape, is the symbol of life. Its evolution to sputnik form manifests the potential of stored energy.”

Time & Location

Until March 22

Bulwagang Victorio Edades (Small Gallery) and Atrium