Raul D. Arellano: Capturing Freedom

Raul D. Arellano: Capturing Freedom

Raul D. Arellano captures and encapsulates the essence of freedom in his drawings of the naked human body.

Capturing Freedom

“It is an absolute pleasure for me to draw from a human figure. It gives me a sense of freedom to see, and develop a respect for the architecture of the human body.”
–– Raul D. Arellano, Statement on Life Drawing

It is an absolute pleasure for an artist to draw a human figure. The medium and the subject must excite me – that’s where the drive starts. A work of art is the expression of a man’s mental position.

In drawing, fundamentals do exist, but they are not absolutes. Anyone can make a list of fundamentals. Given enough talent, an artist could come along and ignore them and still do something good. The fundamental I would like to emphasize is the ability to do what you want to do.

The thing that makes drawing pleasurable is the freedom of using your medium without erasing it. Every line is an investment. It helps you think where to place, with precision, the next possible landmark of the human body.

Capturing freedom – the freedom to see the naked, the freedom to draw without hesitation.

Enjoy the medium. The pleasure will follow.

Time & Location

Pinaglabanan X

23 Mar to 1 Apr 2022

10 Riverview Drive, Blue Ridge B, Quezon City, Philippines 1109