Making It Count | All the Traces and Trails

Making It Count | All the Traces and Trails

On-view at Galerie Roberto | Julius Redillas, Popoy Aspiras, Clark Manalo, Reuel Rendon, Nikko Pelaez, Bell Sison, Joyce Ignacio, Carissa King, Isaac Sion | Andre Baldovino, Mimi Tecson, Marge Organo, Michelle Perez, Meneline Wong M.D., Binong Javier, Lara Latosa, Raul Isidro, Allain Hablo, Dennis Morante, Walther Ocampo, Jomel Gregorio

Chronicling urgencies, qualifying decisions
Galerie Roberto / Art Fair Philippines 2022

Our daily engagements remain vivid and diverse stemming from seemingly unpredictable and complex cues, factors, and experiences interweaving the personal and the social. Such proliferation of interconnectedness among these two, among many other quotidian contexts, is viewed as a spirited trope indicative and suggestive of manifestations, naturalities, and fluidities of urgencies and decisions.

In ‘Chronicling urgencies, qualifying decisions’, participating artists employ myriad visual languages, purposive tendencies, and vivid interventions to tackle narratives and materialities. This exhibition series explores ideas related to exigency and resolution, perceived as two axes which shape, inform, and engender moments of imaginative and artistic resonances on various entanglements stemming from our being as well as our conventional and aesthetic experiences.

‘Chronicling urgencies, qualifying decisions’ brings forth an invitation to ruminate on meticulous considerations, positionalities, articulations, and assessments to issues, perspectives, and intricacies of specific courses of action shaped by diverse day-to-day cues, factors, and experiences.

Words by Alain Zedrick Camiling

Time & Location

Galerie Roberto

23 Mar to 1 Apr 2022

Unit 4, Molito Lifestyle Extension Building, Madrigal Avenue, corner Commerce Ave, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1770 Metro Manila, Philippines 1770