Lilok, Hulma, at Tipon: Modern Sculptures in the Philippines

Lilok, Hulma, at Tipon: Modern Sculptures in the Philippines

One of the latest fine arts exhibitions that we upgraded and improved at the National Museum of Fine Arts is “Lilok, Hulma, at Tipon: Modern Sculptures in the Philippines.” This exhibition located in Gallery XXIX, highlights the sculptures ranging from carvings (lilok) to assemblages (tipon) from the National Fine Arts Collection, and those of other partner government institutions. The gallery features works in various media by notable Filipino sculptors who have had significant contributions and influences in the development of modern arts in the Philippines. These include works by National Artists Arturo Luz, Abdulmari Asia Imao, and Jerry Elizalde Navarro, and works by modern masters including Eduardo Castrillo, Solomon Saprid, Renato Rocha, Lamberto Hechanova, and Ramon Orlina. Also featured are the works by female artists, namely Julie Lluch, Agnes Arellano, Rosario Bitanga-Peralta, and Virginia Ty-Navarro, who showcase their mastery and expertise in their chosen medium. 

This exhibition is a testimony to the ingenuity and excellence of Filipino sculptors who chose to break free from the confines of the artistic tradition of sculpture and made innovations in media, form, and subject.

Time & Location

National Museum of the Philippines

Philippine Modern Sculpture Hall – Gallery XXIX, National Museum of Fine Arts, P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila