Into the World of Carlos

Into the World of Carlos

The onsite exhibition will run from 24 – 27 March at the R1 Lifestyle Hallway of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell.

“I wish I could step into your world.”

For decades, Carlos has used his brushes and paints to create a poetic world full of beauty, vivid colors, and music—prompting his collectors to say, “I wish I could step into your world.” This sentiment has informed the artist’s exhibition, “Into My World,” a collection of recent works as well as paintings selected from the archives.

As an extension of his art, the artist has added a new medium to his oeuvre: NFTs. For the first time in his career, Carlos is producing seven NFTs in collaboration with motion designer IJ Cacnio. “Stepping into his world” has guided the thematic concept of the NFTs, translating seven pieces into works of animation. The NFTs have been dropped simultaneously with this exhibition on as a grant from First Mint Fund.

“It is quite the adventure to embark,” says Carlos. “While NFTs are a new medium for me, it is an exciting and organic progression for my work, one that transcends physical and temporal limitations and holds so many possibilities.”

His work is timeless and relatable,” says Cacnio. “It was a tedious but rewarding process, because I would discover meaningful details that I didn’t notice before editing it.”

“I’m glad that IJ has translated my paintings into a work of animation,” says Carlos. “As an artist, I have always used intense colors, kinetic compositions, and of course, poetic subjects to simulate movement. To see it come alive like this is to create the ‘world’ I’ve tried to build through my career as a painter, and I hope my collectors see, in these NFTs, their dreams come true, thanks to the animation skills of IJ.”

“I create the paintings with the intention that, in the mind of the viewer, the scene moves and one can almost hear the music. They can follow how the paintings move them; I tell a story by painting scenes, making them very poetic. IJ included music—which was his own idea—and for me, that proves that the paintings do have music in them.”

Breaking into the NFT space at 72 is a refreshing indication of the artist’s enthusiasm to explore new media in his artistic journey. “I really respect Carlos for trying out new things with his art,” says IJ Cacnio, himself a creator and collector of NFTs with experience as tech lead in international immersive exhibits. Carlos’ career has included various on-site exhibitions here and abroad, and now, on the metaverse as well.

“The plan is to continue creating NFTs, collaborating, continuing to build this world into a coherent space on the metaverse. It is exciting to see how our team and I will build it, and especially how other artists might do their own takes on it,” says Carlos.

For more information, please visit the artist’s website at, message +639178225673, or email

Time & Location

24-27 March 2022

R1 Lifestyle Hallway of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell