Good Ground

Good Ground

Mindanao artists are sheltered by the Island’s compassionate, benevolent sky and nourished by the Earth’s bounty. These blessings produce a bevy of inspired creative output that speaks of Mindanao- the stories its people, the tales of the land. To articulate this, The Gallery down South gathers artists whose works are rooted to the narratives produced by Mindanao’s Benevolent Skies and nurturing, good Earth.

Exhibit two brings us back to the ground where the works revolves around the physicality of the relationship between the land and its peoples- everyday life and activities, bountiful celebrations, edaily struggles and triumphs, the seasons of humankind, dances that honor the spirits. These explorations allows for artists to expand the repertoire of visual treatments that was once limited to the usual that reduces the idea of Mindanao to the icons created by commercial art and tourist trade.

The Gallery Down South divides the works into two distinct exhibits that may in hindsight are separate , but are actually interwoven; after all even if the Mindanao artists represented by that gallery come from diverse locales and territories in the island, they all live and work under one sky, one ground.

Time & Location


23 Mar to 1 Apr 2022

Salcedo Village, Barangay Maa, Davao City, Philippines 8000