Dysfunctional Platform

Dysfunctional Platform

The perils of social media have by now been widely acknowledged and discussed in popular discourse. While the platform has opened staggering possibilities and revolutionized communication, networking, mass media, entertainment, and even industries and businesses, it has also created a new space that engenders a plethora of social and mental stresses that take toll on its users and their interactions. This virtual environment has also become a breeding ground for disinformation and distortion of truth over the years, often resulting to serious real-life consequences. Jett Osian confronts the maladies social media has afflicted upon its users in this exhibition of latest works. Alluding to social media as a “dysfunctional platform.” Osian uses a mobile device laid flat as a recurring image in this collection of paintings. He magnifies this gadget beyond its normal scale and transforms it into a kind of portal that engulfs individuals or a deep hole where people plunge to no escape. In some works, it is pictured as a literal platform on which human figures rest, while in others it takes the form of an opening from which desperate arms reach out for help. The monochromatic compositions, highlighted only by familiar social media icons, illustrate world that is dull and bleak – a fitting vision for social media’s dark side. These pieces raise a range of specific issues and concerns involving social media, from inducing a craving for superficial forms of validation, the proliferation of performative and fictitious identities, the bloating an individual’s sense of ego and self-importance, to the negative physiological effects of its excessive usage. All these images pose a stark warning about the bane of the technology that largely defines our current age

Time & Location

Secret Fresh

23 Mar to 1 Apr 2022

Ronac Art Center 424 Ortigas Avenue Greenhills North San Juan, San Juan City, Philippines 1502