Benevolent Sky

Benevolent Sky

Mindanao artists are sheltered by the Island’s compassionate, benevolent sky and nourished by the Earth’s bounty. These blessings produce a bevy of inspired creative output that speaks of Mindanao- the stories its people, the tales of the land. To articulate this, The Gallery down South gathers artists whose works are rooted to the narratives produced by Mindanao’s Benevolent Skies and nurturing, good Earth.

The works in this section explores not only the physical attributes of Mindanao skies that serve as backdrops of idyllic landscapes; this section of the exhibit also explores the spirituality of Mindanao’s peoples- their dreams and aspirations, love and compassion, Imagination and creativity, Identity and nationality , desires, values and connections with the divine and divinities. These explorations connects the contemporary with what has been in the arts of Mindanao’s Indigenous peoples- the strong sense of connections that extends from the physical to the spiritual

Time & Location


23 Mar to 1 Apr 2022

Salcedo Village, Barangay Maa, Davao City, Philippines 8000