Another year has passed

Another year has passed

Time flies so fast, as the clich̩ goes. It is a catchphrase we often hear people declare during temporal transitions, from welcoming a new year, to celebrating a birthday, to reaching a milestone in life. The two years we spent under a pandemic has made the expression even more striking when we reflect on all the unprecedented events that unfolded Рfrom the onset of the breakout to where we are now.

Going through daily life in an extraordinary moment and radically changing the conduct of everyday routines might have been surreal and disorienting for most at first, and later felt dragging as days turn into months and months into years. But two years into the pandemic, we have somehow been accustomed to life in the new normal that some of us might look back in disbelief realizing the length of time that has lapsed since we started living under this condition. As more and more countries gradually open and return to pre-pandemic life while uncertainty still looms over the horizon, this chapter in human history appears to be both closing and extending, and the recent past paradoxically feels protracted and fleeting.

These thoughts have inspired Pow Marin’s new set of works that serves as a visual diary of his life in the second year of the pandemic, spent mostly at home. Here, he compiles personal experiences, realizations, and observations that made an impact in his life in 2021. Through dreamy compositions of linear figures and bright colors stylized by blankets of floral and dotted patterns, he shares some of the most defining moments of his previous year as well as its prevailing moods and sentiments. We see episodes of distraught, isolation and disconnect, the politically charged atmosphere of the pandemic, the social support we get from peers and family in the darkest times, and personal gains like quitting a decade-old habit. In retrospect, it was another passing journey marked by both ups and downs uncertainty and reassurance, setbacks and moving forward.

Time & Location

Secret Fresh

23 Mar to 1 Apr 2022

Ronac Art Center 424 Ortigas Avenue Greenhills North San Juan, San Juan City, Philippines 1502